A large, beautiful and tastefully decorated garden is certainly a place where you want to spend your free time. The garden is a contact with nature, rest and relaxation. No wonder then that when it gets warm, restaurants also start the season and open their restaurant gardens, where restaurant guests can enjoy their meals under the cloud.


LOFRA | Garden grills and pizza ovens - not only at home but also in restaurants

A characteristic feature of the Polish garden is nothing more than a garden grill. Poles love grilling, and since many of us are creative, garden grills are very diverse. They are also found in restaurants. They are used to prepare such specialties as meat, skewers, cheese and vegetables. Many restaurants are also investing in garden stoves. The most common is the garden pizza oven , because Poles love pizza and all kinds of casseroles.

Seeing the growing popularity of garden pizza ovens in restaurants, manufacturers have taken it a step further. They have prepared an offer that is aimed at private garden owners. The garden pizza oven , which you can buy for your home garden, is certainly a choice that will delight both household members and guests.


LOFRA | A way to have a garden feast - a pizza garden oven

Garden feasts are something Poles love. The barbecue season begins with the first days of spring and ends in late autumn. Grilled dishes reign on Polish tables then, but why not go a step further and use a garden stove in addition to the grill?

Today, the garden oven for pizza or casseroles does not surprise practically anyone. Everyone can do one in the garden as they are widely available. Similar ovens can be found in pizzerias that have their own gastronomic gardens.

By preparing a tasty and fresh pizza, straight from the garden pizza oven , which is fired with wood, we will certainly gain the recognition of not only the household members, but also all others who were invited to the feast. Wood-fired pizza is not only very aromatic, but also extremely tasty. Homemade pizza, on the other hand, is what we want to eat and prepare.

The garden pizza oven is therefore no longer the domain of restaurants and eateries themselves. It is also a perfect solution for those who love grilling and baking as well as cooking in the garden. Certainly, it will meet even the most demanding requirements of those who simply love to eat.


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