Poles love pizza. According to all the statistics that have arisen in our country, it is pizza that is an imported dish that has been best received on Polish tables. No wonder, pizza is not only delicious, but also very nutritious, and relatively easy to prepare. For many Poles, pizza has become such a common and popular dish that many of them decided to bake it every day. Solution found itself, for example, pizza oven garden. Today, barbecue enthusiasts have the opportunity to bake their own pizza on a garden stove, which can be successfully combined with a barbecue.


Garden pizza oven - A simple pizza recipe from the garden oven


Since we already know that Poles love pizza, we should know the recipes in order to be able to prepare a pizza ourselves.

Preparing the pizza must be divided into stages, they are:

  • preparation of pizza dough,
  • preparation of ingredients,
  • combining ingredients and dough together,
  • thermal treatment, or in other words - baking a pizza.


As for the dough itself, it is made relatively simply, all you need is flour, eggs and water, several minutes of kneading and the dough is ready. Nothing stands in the way of buying a ready-made "pizza base".

The ingredients themselves are more freedom and the person who prepares the pizza can follow their individual suggestions as well as their family's favorite menu.

Combining the ingredients and the dough together is one step before putting the pizza into the oven. It would seem a simple activity that does not require any special knowledge. Nothing could be further from the truth, not that the best pizzerias spend a lot of money on a good quality garden pizza oven to bake pizza in an ordinary oven or oven. Garden pizza ovens are specialized equipment and they should be used to bake a pizza. It can be a garden stove, combined with a grill.


Garden pizza oven - Pizza during the family barbecue


Poles love grilling. Hence, we often grill with whole families to be able to celebrate the meal together even more. So why not surprise your relatives or friends and prepare a delicious grilled pizza? After all, the recipe is very simple and everyone likes it. He can use neutral ingredients for it and make, apart from typical grill dishes, delicious Italian pizza, in Polish, of course.

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