Alfa Pizza Forni garden pizza ovens are devices that are becoming more and more popular in our gardens. More and more people decide to buy or build it. What is better to do? Buy or build your own furnace? If to buy, what, if to build what and where? Please read this guide, it will allow you to make a decision that does not have to be easy.


LOFRA | ALFA Pizza Forni garden pizza ovens - how they work and what they are for

ALFA Pizza Forni garden pizza ovens are not extremely complicated devices. Its design can be said to be relatively simple, because it is based on two chambers, or rather on a hearth and a chamber. Due to the fact that the garden pizza oven is powered mainly by wood, the firebox is separated from the heating chamber, and the heat itself comes either through small holes or by heating special fireclay bricks.


In the baking chamber, baking takes place, and the temperature there can successfully reach 500 degrees Celsius. Of course, it takes a while for a garden stove to warm up to such a temperature, but a properly made stove should reach this temperature in the baking chamber after about 20 minutes.


The ALFA Pizza Forni garden pizza ovens need not only be used to bake pizza. You can bake almost anything in it, including bread, casseroles, kebab dough and even sweet pastries. The garden pizza oven is very versatile, does not take up much space and is extremely useful during the summer months.


LOFRA | DIY pizza oven construction

We can easily build a garden pizza oven ourselves. Of course, it requires a certain investment from us and as such skills, the construction itself is not complicated.


Building your own pizza oven requires finding a suitable project. We can find one on the Internet, there are a lot of them, but it is worth choosing one that someone has already used. Not having elementary knowledge, we do not know if a given stove will prove to be appropriate in terms of functionality. Someone who has already built it using a given project can give us the appropriate "feedback".


Choosing a design is one thing, it is very important to choose a place in the garden where the stove will stand. Regardless of whether you buy or build yourself. It is necessary to make an appropriate foundation and also to "isolate" the place. Although the hearth of such a stove is in most cases either closed or half closed, it is worth keeping it isolated from trees or shrubs.


LOFRA | We buy a garden pizza oven ALFA Pizza Forni

If we do not know how or we do not have time and want to build a pizza oven. We can buy it. Good quality stoves are available almost everywhere. One of the companies that deal with the production of stoves dedicated to home or allotment gardens is the Lofra company. They produce Alfa Pizza Forni pizza ovens of very high quality with excellent parameters and technical capabilities. Alfa Pizza Forni garden stoves that are functional and universal.


Since we decide to buy a stove, it is worth making it fit our needs. Buying a stove that is too large is not only a high cost, but also the need to prepare a large amount of space and unused potential. Too small stove may not allow you to fully enjoy garden cooking.


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