The microwave oven is a relatively new device. It has been used in domestic kitchens since more or less the mid-90s, when microwave prices dropped significantly. Today, the retro microwave oven is standard equipment in every home kitchen. Useful, often very convenient to use, fast and extremely easy to use. It is good to know how to use all its functions.


LOFRA | Microwave oven - the basic functionality of the device


The microwave oven, or the popular retro microwave oven, is a device that was designed to quickly prepare or heat food . This was the assumption of the first designers and manufacturers.


The principle of operation of the device is very simple, special waves enable heating of both solid and liquid substances through their direct influence. In this way, not all the air around a specific meal or drink is heated, but the meal or drink itself. Raising the temperature is, in this case, the main functionality of a microwave oven. Along with the development of this technology, the interest in devices of this type has also increased. This resulted not only in better sales but also in enriching the device with new functions.


Today, the retro microwave oven has the ability to:

  • heating with a certain power and time,
  • defrosting, even deep-frozen food,
  • grilling, both meat dishes and not,
  • heating water and drinks,
  • cooking at different temperatures,
  • baking,
  • baking with steam.


As you can see, the number of functions in the oven has grown to a dozen or so, although it also depends on the model.


LOFRA | How to make the most of the microwave oven function


Depending on the model, the retro microwave oven is equipped with various electronic and mechanical systems and thus functions. As a rule, when buying a stove, we choose it with functionality and 100% of our needs in mind. Often, however, we do not know how to use a given function and how to properly use its potential.


The main function in the microwave is the heating and cooking function. Available in every microwave oven. In order to use it effectively and at the same time heat the dish evenly, it should not be cold. Room temperature is best. Although it is common to put the dish in the oven straight from the refrigerator, it is better to leave it for a few or several minutes to room temperature.


Defrosting, on the other hand, is according to many the most useful function that a retro microwave oven has. The stove then works "pulsating" releasing its power gradually and then reducing it. All this so that the meal is defrosted and not browned.


The functions of grilling, baking and baking are dedicated to specific dishes. It is very important that the dish is properly defrosted before baking or baking it. This reduces the risk of uneven baking of the meal and makes the meal actually crispy on the outside and soft and tasty on the inside.


The microwave oven is a great invention and a great solution for everyone who "cares about time". Moreover, modern technology has made the cookers not only fast, but also more effective. They allow you to prepare a really tasty and perfectly cooked or baked dish in them, provided that you can use their functions properly.


Retro microwave oven