Despite the constantly growing popularity of modern kitchens, many people still decide to arrange their kitchen in a slightly different style. Most often it is a retro style and a vintage style. It is a less common style of interior design, however, these kitchens are constantly gaining new followers.

Retro kitchen is a kitchen, the arrangement of which is inspired by the 70's and 80's of the American style of kitchen arrangements. It is enough to turn on the American film produced in those years and you can already see what a retro kitchen , otherwise known as a vintage kitchen, looks and should look like. Vivid colors, full-value wood, a lot of decorations, and little austerity dominate here. In other words, it is a kind of opposite of modern kitchens. It is this originality that often makes many people want to arrange a kitchen in a retro or vintage style.


LOFRA | Retro kitchen and vintage kitchen - differences

The vintage kitchen is very similar to the retro kitchen, rich decorations, various shapes of furniture, as well as numerous accessories, taken from drawers or cabinets and placed directly into bowls, decorative jars or hung on hangers above the kitchen counter, dominate here. Retro kitchen , although similar, differs slightly from the vintage style. The main difference is, of course, the design. Retro kitchen takes a lot from the so-called country kitchens, where simplicity is combined with a multitude of different decorations and colors. Vintage kitchen focuses on extraordinary solutions that go beyond certain limits. Examples include raw walls, different front colors and the like.


LOFRA | Retro kitchen and vintage kitchen - something worth remembering

Before we decide to arrange and make our kitchen in a retro or vintage style, we should remember about the beautiful appearance and originality of such a kitchen, as well as about the problems that will arise during the arrangement. Here are a few of them:

  • A vintage kitchen and a retro kitchen should match the arrangement of the entire interior, so if the interior is made in a very modern style, then such a kitchen arrangement will clash with the rest,
  • vintage and retro kitchens should be bright, spacious and as large as possible to show their beauty,
  • the problem may be the selection and purchase of equipment for this type of kitchen, although the market offers excellent equipment dedicated to this type of Lofra kitchen,
  • vintage kitchens and retro kitchens, although they are beautiful and original, are also a bit more expensive to arrange.

Retro and vintage kitchens blend in perfectly with classic interiors. If, in addition, the kitchen is spacious, bright and high, there is no better solution than to arrange it in a vintage or retro style. Thanks to it, you can show the full beauty and functionality of the kitchen. Colorful, cozy, and at the same time beautifully made details combine here with simplicity and functionality. For those who like something other than the currently adopted standard, vintage or retro kitchens are the perfect choice.


Retro kitchen, vintage kitchen