Induction is a technologically known solution for many years. However, this solution was not used in domestic use until the 1990s, when the production of induction cookers began on a large scale. Today, induction cookers are available in a great many homes. It is an ideal alternative to gas, also offering greater safety.


LOFRA | Induction cooker - how it works and how to use its potential


A free-standing or built-in induction cooker is a device that, by supplying electricity, is able to effectively convert this energy into heat, just by induction. Induction is nothing more than a magnetic wave which, acting on an object, increases its temperature. The object can be a solid, a liquid, or even a gas.


In the case of induction cookers, there are special coils under the glass plate known to every user. Their flat design means that they can be conveniently placed under the glass and thus obtain a perfectly flat device such as an induction cooker. The coils, on the other hand, are energized and generate a magnetic field which generates heat when it comes into contact with a special pot.


LOFRA | Construction of an induction cooker


An induction cooker is a device only seemingly complicated. In fact , a freestanding or built-in induction cooker consists of:

  • a ceramic sheet that is resistant to extremely high temperatures,
  • magnetic coils generating a magnetic field,
  • a special construction plate that is responsible for heat shielding.

The structure itself is therefore extremely simple, and at the same time very effective, allowing for convenient use of the cooker. The stove does not generate any flames and does not conduct gas, so it is very safe.


LOFRA | Induction hob and the health and taste of dishes


Opponents of induction argue that the induction and action of magnetic waves have an adverse effect on health. In reality, however, for such waves to have any impact on a person, they would have to affect him continuously for several hours a day, over a period of several years. In reality, however, it is impossible.


As for the effect of induction on food. Using an induction cooker has no influence on the food, its taste and the preservation of health values. The only effect that induction can have is how long it takes to prepare the food. So it is best to use special pots for this purpose, which facilitate and speed up the preparation of dishes.


LOFRA | Comfortable and easy to clean


The free-standing induction cooker, due to its construction and clean technology, is very easy to clean. It does not require cleaning the burners or cleaning the nozzle. It does not use gas, so it does not emit harmful substances during its combustion.


The use of this technology is certainly cleaner and much safer. Hence, it is easy to keep the cooker clean. You only need to wipe the disc with a damp cloth and it is enough to keep it clean.


It is very convenient to use induction in the kitchen. It is true that it requires some investment, as the board itself is relatively expensive, but in the end we get a functional, safe and clean device.


Freestanding induction cooker