A loft kitchen is certainly a type of kitchen that is gaining popularity, but it is not a style commonly found in our homes. It is based on raw, industrial interiors, based on a large space, bright rooms and seemingly austere furnishings, which, however, skillfully put together, create an unforgettable and extremely beautiful arrangement.


A loft kitchen is a kitchen not for everyone, not only because of its style, but also because of the space that must be provided for its proper arrangement. Ideally, an industrial kitchen should be a semi-open kitchen, with a large, concrete table and a lot of space. How to arrange it, what equipment, furniture and lighting to use in it, it is worth reading this article and finding out.


LOFRA | Furniture and equipment in an industrial kitchen


The main problem in a loft kitchen is, of course, supplying it with equipment and furniture that will match the raw, industrial style. The carpentry industry is fully prepared for these solutions, offering raw furniture, often a combination of solid wood and steel. This enables an easy and very attractive arrangement at the same time, while maintaining the austerity of the industrial style.


When it comes to furnishings, certain details are important in this type of kitchen. For example, a table. A concrete table made of solid concrete, which can be covered with a suitable plywood, is a good choice. A table made of steel is an equally interesting solution, although it will not always match well with wooden furniture. The furniture itself should be made of solid wood, of good quality, with gray or other subdued colors.


A loft kitchen, like any other, must be equipped with good quality equipment. This is where the Lofta brand comes in handy, specializing in the production of household appliances, which is dedicated to loft kitchens. An interesting fact is that in kitchens arranged for industrial kitchens, the equipment does not have to be built-in, a free-standing cooker, a microwave set on the counter, or a coffee machine stylized as a very simple machine straight from the factory, are standard in a loft kitchen.


LOFRA | Bright lighting and lots of space


In fact, the arrangement of industrial kitchen is very free. However, two factors must be met:

  • a lot of space, it is worth making the kitchen not only large in area, but also spacious,
  • Adequate lighting, hanging lamps with loose hanging cabling that give a lot of light are essential.


As with most kitchen arrangements, the loft arrangement also "likes" space. The higher the room, the better, because it allows the use of beautiful, industrial, hanging lamps, perfect for loft kitchens.


A large space and good lighting will give a really great character to the interior of the kitchen, moreover, they will allow for its comfortable arrangement, with high chimneys and various cabinets, which will certainly be useful. Anyway, a loft kitchen allows a lot of freedom in its arrangement, hence it is becoming more and more popular and willingly chosen today.



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