The kitchen is the heart of the home and it is not without reason that the kitchen is called the most important room in the house and therefore it receives the most attention when designing and arranging it. A loft kitchen is nothing more than a kitchen that is inspired by an industrial style. The industrial style, and more precisely the industrial style at home, sounds a bit abstract, but it really caught on in Polish homes perfectly. Modern construction favors these types of solutions.


Loft kitchen | Loft style - a brief overview

The loft style is a style that is inspired by industrial interior design and draws inspiration from it, as well as all accessories. It is dominated by aspects such as:

  • a lot of free space, which is often only a few percent filled,
  • a lot of raw accents inside,
  • often lack of plastered or smooth ceilings,
  • strong and classic lighting.

The above elements very well reflect the industrial style and how it is used in residential buildings. Elements that are "cozy" accessories are rarely used there, but rather a clean and more austere look is chosen.

In loft kitchens, such solutions are also present on a daily basis. For example, "bare" wall elements and ceilings are used there, which are only sanded immediately after the ceiling is poured.


Loft kitchen | Loft style in the kitchen - what an industrial kitchen looks like

An industrial kitchen, i.e. a loft kitchen , is a kitchen dominated by a raw decor, but also made with a specific tooth. This means that in this kitchen we will find bare brick walls, of course, the brick should be properly processed and this is one of the key elements of this decor.

Ceiling? Ideally, it should be raw, poured concrete directly during the construction of the building, is sanded, and then cables are hung over it. Lighting is provided directly from them. Hanging lamps, along with visible wiring, are an important element of a loft kitchen.


The furniture itself also plays an important role. Many furniture manufacturers have already noticed the opportunities created by the industrial style and regularly produce furniture in serial production as well as for individual orders. The colors in fact are varied, although browns or white combined with blue and black are dominant.


Loft kitchen - equipment and size

It is true that the industrial style is mainly associated with large spaces. The larger the kitchen, the more possibilities it creates in an industrial arrangement. However, also small kitchens in a block of flats can easily become industrial kitchens, it is only a matter of proper arrangement and proper use of space.


The equipment for a loft kitchen does not differ much from the standard. All thanks to the fact that it is quite easy to install this equipment in the ordered furniture. This allows you to enjoy a lot of freedom in choosing the equipment and its proper use.

A loft kitchen no longer causes such a huge surprise in our homes, no wonder, more and more people are choosing this style and rightly so, because loft kitchens are beautiful and spacious.


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