Until recently, the induction cooker was supposed to be an alternative for people who do not have a gas connection or do not want to use it in their home for various reasons. Induction hobs were more expensive, less effective and slightly less functional than gas hobs. However, the situation has changed a lot. Today, induction hobs and freestanding induction cookers are not an alternative, but modernity and functionality that guarantees comfortable, often more economical and effective baking, cooking and frying.


LOFRA | What are freestanding induction cookers?


Free-standing induction cookers are nothing more than an electric solution for free-standing ovens with built-in gas hobs. An induction cooker in a free-standing version is nothing more than a kitchen that has an electric induction oven and an induction hob. So it is a 2-in-1 device.

Freestanding induction cookers are an oven and a hob in one. Induction, i.e. the effective conversion of electricity into heating power, allows, unlike gas, to set the temperature very precisely, to control the heating and cooling time, and to use the heating field very accurately, without wasting heat energy.

Ovens in a free-standing induction kitchen are equipped with modern functions that are responsible for heat distribution, as well as temperature, airflow and humidity control. This would not be possible with gas cookers. And here you can see a significant advantage of the induction cooker over the gas one.


LOFRA | Modern systems in free-standing induction cookers


Free-standing induction cookers are packed with modern electronics and innovative systems. The solutions used in them are responsible for:

  • proper heat distribution both in the oven and on the hob,
  • appropriate raising and lowering the temperature with specific programs,
  • the possibility of baking at low temperatures, i.e. baking with all the nutrients,
  • the possibility of using various functions, such as automatic cleaning of the oven.

The advantage of induction cookers over gas cookers lies in their functionality and easier control of electricity in relation to the fire that arises during gas combustion. For many users it is crucial, because a failure of the gas installation can be really very dangerous.

An investment for years

An investment in free-standing induction cookers as well as built-in cookers is an investment for years. Currently, manufacturers have technology that allows you to produce really high-class hobs and ovens, making the most of the possibilities offered by electricity.

The functionality guaranteed by induction cookers goes hand in hand with the efficiency and durability of devices that are fully powered by electricity. This is probably the most important reason to invest in such an induction cooker. It is a good investment for many years to come.


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