Modern colorful refrigerators , side by side, French door and multidoor refrigerators are devices that offer newer and newer solutions, thanks to which not only such a device works better, more economically, or is more functional. First of all, modern technologies in refrigerators allow for easier and longer storage of food, without affecting its condition or taste.


One of the most interesting technologies is the harvest fresh technology, which, by imitating sunlight, makes fruit and vegetables stay fresh for much longer. There are definitely more and more technologies of this type.


LOFRA | Precise temperature control and air circulation


This is not the latest solution, but refrigerator manufacturers have been working on it for years. I am talking about precisely regulated temperature. Today's technology allows not only to regulate the temperature inside the refrigerator, but also to precisely control it directly on each floor or in each of its chambers. This is not only very convenient and allows, for example, drinks to be cooled to a certain temperature, but above all it has a huge impact on extending the shelf life of products. In this case, much less food is wasted both locally and globally.


Air circulation is also important in refrigerators, as it keeps products fresh for longer and eliminates odors. Adequate ventilation is important, also in order to maintain the correct air humidity, which is controlled by technically packed sensors.


LOFRA | Harvest fresh and other modern solutions


Contemporary refrigerators are packed with modern electronics. Most often, this technology allows for:

  • effective energy management, thanks to which the refrigerator is more energy-efficient,
  • temperature management inside the device, thanks to which the appropriate arrangement of products extends their shelf life,
  • air humidity management and its replacement,
  • management of light and imitation of sunlight - this is a novelty that has a significant impact on the freshness of vegetables and fruits.


Harvest fresh is not the only solution. Almost every company that produces color refrigerators or other types of refrigerators invests a lot of funds so that their equipment provides its customers with the latest technologies. Many users today pay much more attention to the extended possibilities of colored refrigerators than to their appearance or usable surface. No wonder, longer food storage, energy saving and better taste of stored ingredients are crucial for many of us today.


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