Along with the progress in kitchen arrangements, as kitchen users, we have received a lot of possibilities for various kitchen arrangements, and one of them is the Provencal-style kitchen. Provencal kitchens were very popular in the 1970s, especially in the United States, and they follow the style popular in southern France, where a large amount of sun shining through the windows contributed to warm and gentle colors of the kitchen, good, natural lighting and a beautiful, decorative finish . This is how Provencal kitchens were created, which are more and more often chosen among today's arrangement possibilities.


LOFRA | Provencal cuisine - special features


Provencal-style kitchens have some very special features, both in terms of the furniture and the room. Same:

  • the room is bright and cozy at the same time, it is characterized by the delicacy and warmth of colors,
  • the room is dominated by naturalness, which results from a very large amount of natural light falling into the interior,
  • the whole thing reminds us of the provincial style, because Provencal cuisine is a kitchen modeled on provincial French cuisines,
  • the furniture is bright, pastel, cream, sometimes slightly yellow, richly decorated fronts and delicate, necessarily bright tops,
  • Provencal kitchen countertops should be either stone or imitating natural wood, preferably of a soft color.


LOFRA | Provencal cuisine - space development


Provencal kitchen is by definition a very spacious kitchen, therefore it cannot be arranged everywhere. A large window fits it perfectly, it should be located on the east or south side. A corner window is ideal, although this type of window may not be installed everywhere, hence a classic window is allowed, preferably placed directly above the sink.


In a Provencal kitchen it is important to arrange the interior. It should be spacious and full of cabinets, drawers and various types of furniture at the same time. The table can be inside the kitchen, but it can also be located outside it, in the dining room. Furniture fronts should be made in light colors, white, pastel or beige. The fronts should be decorated but not too exaggerated. It is worth noting that in Provencal kitchens a lot of emphasis is placed on the number of accessories, not only those related to the fronts, but also those on the walls.


LOFRA | Provencal kitchen - a bright and well-lit room


Provencal kitchen can be arranged only in bright, spacious and well-lit rooms. A large window is obligatory, a large number of lamps - preferably hanging, and also a countertop illumination. It is difficult to arrange a kitchen in small and dark rooms, where such an arrangement is possible, but it certainly will not fulfill its function.


Provencal cuisine is certainly extraordinary, spacious and extremely bright, hence the room for such arrangement must be appropriate, but when we see the end result, it will certainly take our breath away.


Provencal kitchens