Technology and modern electronic solutions are very often used also in the household appliances and small household appliances industry. No wonder, household appliances are devices that we require more and more. Our washing machine should not only be economical, but also easy to use and intuitive. Our ice cube fridge should have a number of functions, useful or less. We will tell you about technology in modern household appliances in this article. Be sure to read.


LOFRA | Electronic equipment in household appliances


The basic electronic equipment used in household appliances has been used by manufacturers for several dozen years. However, it has only been over a dozen years that advanced IT solutions have been used in household appliances. These solutions are understood as:

  • wifi modules and device control systems,
  • solutions allowing for precise control of the device,
  • systems supporting the work and facilitating the control of the device,
  • systems that enable the implementation of new functions in the device, such as a refrigerator with an ice cube maker.

Of course, every manufacturer, apart from the systems that we, as users, can "touch" or control them ourselves, introduces systems that are invisible to us. They control the work, scope of activities of given programs, or even the safety of components.

The development of electronics has had a huge impact on the development of household appliances. From basic, mechanical devices, we have moved to technically advanced devices packed with electronics, which we can successfully control even remotely.


LOFRA | Modern electronic systems in refrigerators


A modern fridge with an ice cube maker does not remind us of a device that we remember from the 90s of the twentieth century. Over the past 20 years, technology has taken a giant leap forward, providing access to solutions that previously could only be described in science fiction books.

Meanwhile, today, intelligent refrigerators accompany us every day in our home. Thanks to them, we can easily not only control the temperature, precisely determine the ventilation inside the refrigerator, but even control the shelf life of certain products.

Special wi-fi modules, along with a content management system, even allow you to set an alarm, during which the refrigerator informs you that the product is currently being finished. Moreover, thanks to this type of solutions, the user can check the exact number of specific products.

Modern refrigerators allow not only to control their content, but also indicate what should be eaten on a given day so that the expiry date is not exceeded.

Contemporary electronic and IT solutions in a device such as a refrigerator? For many, until recently this would seem like an exaggeration. In fact, however, these solutions make a lot easier. For many people who use them, they have become something that is not only useful, but even necessary. No wonder that manufacturers are constantly outdoing each other in implementing innovations of this type to their equipment. They do it because people, their customers, expect it.



Fridge with ice maker