Household appliances in the kitchen are a purchase that is associated with very high costs. No wonder that we are trying to save a bit, especially on equipment on which we can save. Many believe that the cooker hood is such equipment. Meanwhile, the function that it performs, helps in and prevents the cooker hood is greatly underestimated. However, it is not worth saving on it, or leaving its choice to chance.


LOFRA | Retro cooker hood - Choosing a cooker hood


Since we have to buy a cooker hood, it is worth making this choice consciously. First of all, we should know whether the hood will be connected to the ventilation duct or only based on carbon filters. If you connect it to the ventilation duct, you can save a bit, because the carbon filters are relatively expensive and you will not need to replace them quickly. Additionally, you can invest in a cooker hood with a slightly less efficient filter, which will save you a certain amount again.

When choosing, the color is important, and we adjust it individually to the color of the kitchen and the color of the walls or furniture.

Another selection criterion - probably the most important one, are the functions and possibilities. A modern hood, as well as a stylized retro hood , can have the same functions, but we should be aware of the right choice. If we cook and fry meat and other dishes that emit an unpleasant odor during cooking and frying, then we must have a vintage hood with a decent fan and an appropriate filter. If our diet consists mainly of vegetables or light products, then we can afford a cheaper alternative with a weaker filter and less air intake.


LOFRA | Vintage cooker hood - Functions of the cooker hood, i.e. use


When purchasing a cooker hood, it is important to use it. A modern vintage hood is equipped with many functions, including:

  • intake fan power adjustment,
  • regulation of steam and vapor ventilation,
  • airflow, which is useful after finishing cooking,
  • lighting,
  • some hoods even have built-in wi-fi and a radio.


Of course, each subsequent function adds a bit to the bill, so it is worth considering whether we really need all of these functions.

The retro hood and any other hood are designed to absorb unpleasant odors, eliminate grease and dirt deposits on the walls and ceiling, as well as ventilate the room, which is important in the kitchen, where a large amount of vapors often accumulate. The extractor hood is essential in the kitchen, otherwise dirt will accumulate while cooking and the walls may be exposed to mold and mildew growth.


LOFRA | Retro kitchen hood - maintenance


Every kitchen hood, be it a modern, retro hood or an unusual vintage hood , must be maintained. The maintenance of the cooker hood should be based on:

  • regular cleaning of the hood, both outside and after removing the panel and removing the filter inside the hood,
  • replacing the carbon filter, which becomes clogged after some time,
  • replacing light bulbs, if the hood is illuminated,
  • cleaning the fan responsible for air exchange.

Regular maintenance significantly increases the service life and functionality of the device. Although the extractor hood is apparently just an "accessory", it actually belongs to the basic equipment of every kitchen.


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