Retro kitchens are kitchens that have been gaining popularity for years. In an era when most kitchens look very similar, and some of them are almost identical and differ only in the way the furniture is arranged, retro kitchens seem like a breath of freshness in kitchen arrangements.

More and more companies dealing with design and kitchen arrangements, also design them in a retro version. The retro style in a kitchen arrangement is significantly different from the modern style, the most popular today and probably for the coming years.


LOFRA | Retro kitchen - characteristics


Retro kitchens are dominated by some characteristic features that distinguish the kitchen from other, more popular kitchens decorated in practically the same style.

Retro cuisine is most often based on an arrangement reminiscent of American kitchens popular in the 1970s. As well as in kitchen arrangements very popular in the countryside, especially in country houses, even going back to the interwar period.

Retro kitchens are not filled with simplicity and relatively template design, but with a huge variety in terms of furniture, colors and all other features.

Retro kitchen - spacious and always stylishly colorful

Retro kitchen must be a very spacious kitchen. This means that the room should be as large as possible. The characteristic elements of the room are:

  • a large space, where there is also a place for a table or a classic island,
  • a well-sunny space, so it is best to have a large window in the kitchen,
  • the height of the room, the higher the room is, the better it looks, of course,

A spacious room, beautiful furniture finishes, varied colors and an apparent lack of order characterize retro kitchens. Of course , a retro kitchen can be a kitchen more oriented towards country house kitchens, beautiful, spacious and richly decorated. Or kitchens that were popular in the 1970s in the USA, i.e. pastel, beige, with lots of furniture with decorated fronts.


LOFRA | Retro cuisine - why is it worth it


Are you wondering why you should choose retro cuisine? Is this a good direction? Certainly not in every apartment. In a modern apartment with a modern arrangement, choosing a retro kitchen will be a failure. However, if we like high and spacious interiors, our kitchen is well-sunny, or is located in an old, elegant tenement house, then its retro arrangement will turn out to be a bull's eye.

With the current technique, you can easily create a kitchen visualization, which will allow you to conveniently see the appearance of the room and at the same time match the rest of the interior arrangement. Certainly , retro kitchen is an interesting change in relation to modern kitchen arrangements.


Retro kitchen