The oven is the basic device that works in every kitchen. Used for baking a variety of dishes, from vegetables, through flour dishes, to meat dishes that require many hours of baking. In the past, the use of an oven was relatively simple, it was intended to bake dishes. Today, modern vintage ovens allow not only baking, but also blanching, baking, steam-baking and baking at low temperatures.

The choice of a retro oven is not obvious. It's easy to spend a lot of money, but the trick is to buy a good-quality, functional retro oven at an affordable price.


LOFRA | Buying a retro oven - what parameters to pay attention to


When buying an oven, the key is to choose its capabilities and parameters to suit individual needs. Regardless of whether our oven is intended for a modern kitchen or it is a retro oven , we should be guided by our needs when choosing.

If the retro oven is to be used every day, i.e. when we bake, bake or heat a lot, then the choice should fall on a device that is characterized by:

  • high work efficiency,
  • sufficiently large usable area,
  • many programs that allow various baking options,
  • functionality in additional programs, these are even cleaning programs.

If the vintage oven is used only occasionally, i.e. when we cook, fry or use other options in the kitchen more often, then we do not have to opt for an oven with high technological advancement, but focus more on a simpler device. This will allow you to significantly save money.

Paying attention to parameters such as maximum temperature, various programs, hot air circulation, cleaning program, usable surface, will allow you to adjust the retro oven to your individual needs.


LOFRA | Retro oven - Price and quality matter


When buying a retro oven, just like when buying any other appliance, the key parameters are price and quality, and more precisely the price-quality ratio in this case.

To choose the right retro oven, we first look at the parameters, then at the users' opinions and finally at the price. Putting together these three very important elements, we can relatively easily find the appropriate weight, which is the capabilities of the oven, its technical advancement and price.

If the retro oven is a device that is very heavily used in the kitchen, then it is necessary to purchase very good quality equipment with advanced capabilities. If not, then it's better to save a bit and choose a vintage oven - cheaper, but also solid.

When choosing any equipment, including an oven, it is very important that it is covered by the manufacturer's warranty as long as possible. Many people underestimate aspects such as a one-year warranty, and meanwhile, they can be very important in the context of the operation of the device.


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