Retro Oven - Currently, kitchen arrangements are dominated by modernity and minimalism, which is based on solutions that allow for relatively cheap and at the same time elegant furniture, which is also very practical. But what if we don't like modern style in kitchen solutions and are looking for something else? Then we can choose a kitchen arrangement in a retro style. However, this arrangement is not easy. Not every kitchen designer is able to skillfully design such a kitchen. Moreover, few carpentry workshops are willing to make furniture of this type. Meanwhile, retro, vintage or rustic kitchens have their magic and many people would never turn them into furniture made in a different style.


Retro ovens - What distinguishes a kitchen in a retro style

Contemporary kitchens are beautiful, modern and very functionally designed and constructed rooms. Kitchens are more and more often made on the basis of minimalism. Accessories and small household appliances are not visible, they are rather placed in cabinets and drawers, all to give this room a flawless appearance. Meanwhile, the retro style, similar to the vintage style, is characterized by a similarity to the kitchens, which were popular in the 60's and 70's, where very beautifully made furniture was next to a lot of kitchen accessories. Among other things, they were hung on hangers or simply placed on kitchen worktops. The current retro style is a reference to the kitchen from the 60's and 70's, where the furniture is made with decorations, and the countertops and walls of the kitchen are decorated not with glass panels, but with hanging or hanging accessories.


Retro Oven - Classic kitchen combined with modern equipment

Having a classic kitchen does not require the installation of archaic equipment. Today, Lofra produces equipment dedicated to classic, rustic and retro kitchens. Equipment characterized by:

  • very beautiful finish, with attention to every detail,
  • a look that imitates the one that was in use in the 60's and 70's,
  • modern and functional electronics,
  • the possibility of mounting both in free and built-up form.


Lofra equipment, despite the fact that it looks like classic equipment, is very modern, functional and exceptionally good quality kitchen equipment.

Modern Lofra equipment can be built-in or it can be free-standing equipment. For sale, for example, a retro oven is available. This type of oven has a beautifully crafted housing, which is made in such a way as to emphasize the detail of the device. There is also a retro built-in oven available to customers. Equipped like the previous one with a modern interior, which is of course technologically advanced. The design itself allows it to use a wooden housing, adapted to the look of the entire retro kitchen. Thus, owners of classic kitchens can successfully enjoy modern and functional household appliances.


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