Kitchen arrangements are constantly changing. Today, in addition to modern kitchen, customers can take advantage of many different alternatives, including a retro-style kitchen . Choosing such a kitchen does not mean that you have to give up modern solutions, because both household appliances and all equipment can be stylized as classics, and hide modern solutions inside.


LOFRA | Household appliances in retro-style kitchens


When we hear about retro or classic arrangements in the kitchen, many people fear that it will be a colorful, beautiful and unusual kitchen, but also devoid of modern solutions. This is a mistake, a retro-style kitchen can be equipped with the same modern equipment as any other. It is enough to take advantage of the offer of the Lofra brand, a producer of modern household appliances, dedicated to retro, classic and Provencal kitchens.

Household appliances for retro kitchens are practically no different from those used in modern kitchens. Equipped with modern electronics, having all the functions that are in the current trends.

Both a refrigerator, an oven, a microwave oven and a modern dishwasher can be included in such a kitchen. There are no contraindications for this. Lofra made sure that their equipment was fully adapted in terms of appearance and at the same time had a technologically powerful interior.


LOFRA | Kitchen accessories in retro kitchens


As we know very well, household appliances in the kitchen are not everything. In fact, the tone and functionality of this room are given by kitchen accessories, which can also have a significant impact on the overall shape of such a room.

Kitchen accessories and accessories that can be found in retro-style kitchens are primarily characterized by a wide range of colors. Mugs, plates, kitchen utensils should all be rich in colors and be varied.

The retro-style kitchen , unlike the modern one, is characterized by a large variety of both items and colors in which these items are painted. It is this diversity that creates the atmosphere of the kitchen. Mugs styled for the 60s, looking like old pots, as well as rich decorations on furniture fronts, all this allows you to enjoy the extraordinary character of a retro-style kitchen.


LOFRA | Retro style kitchen - lighting


Lighting is an extremely important element in kitchens arranged in a retro style. The kitchen should be bright and spacious, but it is not always possible to achieve such an effect, as kitchens in apartments tend to be small.

Hence, the right lighting plays an important role. In retro-style kitchens, LED lighting should be avoided. Hanging lamps, suspended wall lamps and small lighting elements that emphasize the whole will be much better. Metal or aluminum lamps are perfect for kitchens of this type, and when it comes to their colors, you can show great freedom here. Lamps can be pastel, white, red, blue and even black. It is important that the colors of the lighting harmonize with the entire interior.


Retro-style kitchen