Vintage kitchens are becoming more and more popular in homes. It is certainly a springboard from typical kitchens arranged in a modern style. Retro kitchen , or also known as vintage kitchen , is a kitchen that is characterized by an arrangement style reminiscent of a combination of American kitchens from the 70s with even older classics, found even in the interwar period in manors and country estates. So if a vintage kitchen has so many decorations and the furniture is made of solid wood, does it have to be expensive?


LOFRA | Vintage kitchen - beautiful furniture does not have to be expensive


Vintage kitchen has several characteristics. The most recognizable of them are:

  • very diverse and rich finishes, completely different than in the case of modern kitchens,
  • similar to classic kitchens,
  • many colors, while modern kitchens are focused around 3-4 leading colors,
  • very richly decorated and finished furniture,
  • a lot of accessories and additions.


Therefore, we turn to the issue of furniture, which plays a key role in this type of kitchen. Furniture in vintage kitchens is not made of board, plywood or wooden products, but solid wood. They have numerous decorations, various colors, and their shapes are very diverse. This is a slightly different solution than in the case of a modern kitchen, where simplicity and "flatness" dominate.

So does vintage kitchen furniture have to be expensive? Well no. Their price, of course, is higher than that of furniture made of furniture boards, but their durability and longevity mean that they are not very expensive.


LOFRA | Retro kitchen - many different accessories


A feature that strongly characterizes such kitchens as retro or vintage kitchens is their direct reference to the classics. Classics, in which you could observe hundreds of different kitchen accessories, which in kitchens were not massively hidden in drawers, but often hung over the worktop on special hangers, were put in bowls or special containers.


Retro and vintage kitchens are very often based on this type of accessories, large amounts of which hang, lie on the counter or are simply in view. People who like this type of solution will surely like it. Those who prefer "sterier" conditions are unlikely to like vintage cuisine.


LOFRA | Vintage kitchen - Household appliances for retro kitchens


The biggest problem is getting the right equipment for a retro or vintage kitchen. Fortunately, companies such as Lofra specialize in the production and distribution of equipment intended for vintage and retro kitchens. In fact, the equipment of this brand is as technically advanced as the equipment for modern kitchens, only its external structure allows it to be built discreetly in the kitchen, the furniture of which is made in vintage and retro style.


Of course, due to the completely different characteristics of this type of kitchen, modern equipment must be dedicated equipment for complete installation.


Retro kitchen and vintage kitchen