Vintage kitchen is a kitchen whose style of arrangement is a kind of combination between rustic, retro and modern kitchen. Full of accessories, interesting solutions and at the same time characterized by a modern arrangement. The key to maintaining the beauty of a Vintage kitchen is to furnish it appropriately. What should the furniture be like, what should you pay attention to? Here are some interesting tips.


LOFRA | What is vintage style


Vintage is a word that was originally used only for fashion. It consisted in a peculiar combination of styles and their mixing. Vintage kitchen is just that, it allows you to combine styles and mix them, thus providing an amazing mix. However, what characterizes vintage kitchens is, above all, a kind of "return to the past".

Vintage kitchen is supposed to be a homely kitchen, reminiscent of old kitchens, preferably those that could be found in country houses. Full of light, accessories, seemingly unnecessary accessories, which, however, gave style and excellent "taste" to the kitchen.

Vintage kitchens are kitchens where the classic mixes with modernity, where classic solutions can easily be "complicated" together with modern trends. Vintage cuisine is a mixture of classic, retro, Provencal style, as well as modern kitchen styles.


LOFRA | Kitchen furniture for the kitchen in vintage style


Vintage kitchen is one of the most difficult when it comes to arranging it. It requires appropriate arrangement and design knowledge as well as extensive experience. It is very important to choose the right furniture. Finding the right carpentry workshop is not everything, because a carpenter must understand what a vintage style is and what furniture should be in such a kitchen.

However, there is an alternative to custom-made furniture. The vintage kitchen is a kitchen dominated by the classics, so you can arrange it based on classic, old furniture that can be restored. Often, the mere purchase of such furniture, and then its restoration, is several times more expensive than making a new one. However, it is such furniture that is the essence of a Vintage kitchen.

Furniture for a classic, Provencal or vintage kitchen should be characterized by:

  • lots of decorations and finished, preferably on the fronts and corners,
  • warm colors that will match the rest of the kitchen,
  • large dimensions, in fact, the furniture should be massive and quite extensive.

If you are lucky and you can buy old, beautiful solid wood furniture, it will really be perfect for any vintage kitchen. Of course, you have to spend time and money on their renovation, but they will fit together wonderfully and will fit perfectly in such an arrangement.



Vintage kitchen