Vintage kitchen - how to arrange and where

Choosing the style and arrangement of an apartment or house is an individual matter. Despite the fact that our apartments have started to dominate the modern style, many people still appreciate classic arrangements. While it is relatively easy to arrange a classic living room, bedroom or even guest or children's rooms, when it comes to the kitchen it is much more difficult. Why? First of all, this is due to the fact that a modern style is commonly used in kitchens, characterized by:

  • relatively simple solutions,
  • new technology,
  • a combination of steel, simple solutions related to wood derivatives, plastics and natural stone.


Classic cuisine is:

  • very elegant, but also complex, wooden furniture finishes,
  • an arrangement that requires the use of only specific pieces of equipment,
  • beautiful, but also demanding elements that complement the whole arrangement.


Vintage kitchen and kitchen equipment

The biggest problem in the case of vintage kitchens and kitchen equipment is mainly equipping it with kitchen equipment. This is due to the fact that it is difficult to adapt the equipment to the needs of a kitchen arranged in a classic style.

The LOFRA brand has succeeded. A company with all types of equipment in our offer. Lofra produces only the highest quality household appliances, intended only for classic and modern kitchens.

A very specialized, but also narrow offer has allowed the Lofra brand to appear among manufacturers of household appliances. The possibility of "arming" a classic kitchen with modern, technologically advanced equipment provides greater possibilities for arranging this type of kitchen space.


Why vintage kitchen?

Vintage kitchen is a kitchen arranged in a classic style, full of decorations and seemingly unnecessary accessories, which, however, give it style and character.

Vintage kitchens are arranged in houses and apartments, where the dominant style is classic. Vintage kitchen is both functional and cozy, although for many it seems "cluttered", but its appropriate equipment and arrangement make the vintage style in the kitchen impossible to imitate.

Thus, thanks to the Lofra brand, owners of vintage kitchens have greater possibilities to arrange their kitchen in the way they dream.

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