Arranging your own kitchen is a great pleasure, but also a huge challenge. Invaluable help when designing your dream kitchen are catalogs, where a variety of styles, arrangements and advice are presented. In many of them, among the most fashionable inspirations in recent years, interiors designed in an industrial style dominate. One of the most important examples of adapting this style to a house or apartment can be a loft kitchen .

From the New York suburbs to Poland

Once a symbol of poverty and rapid economic changes, today a synonym of luxury and good taste ... The industrial style in the form we know today was born in the New York district of SoHo in the 1960s and 1970s. It was then that the people who suffered the most during the crisis and were deprived of their livelihoods began to occupy abandoned warehouses, factories and halls built in the last decades of the 18th century. Importantly, the buildings erected at that time were devoid of electricity. In order to provide people working in them with the right amount of light, windows of impressive height were installed in the buildings. The once practical solution took on a completely new meaning after many years - the glazing, reaching from the floor to the very high ceiling, gave the facade and interior a decorative and unique expression. The advantages of raw, brick, metal and concrete-filled premises with an unusually spacious layout and size were quickly noticed by the New York bohemians. Lofts began to be massively transformed into studios and flats creating conditions for unhindered, creative work. In the 1990s, the avant-garde and revolutionary style also reached Europe, and today it can also be triumphant on the Polish market.

Loft kitchen - furniture and accessories

Lofts dominating in the industrial style break with all the rules that have so far set the tone for kitchen (and not only kitchen) compositions. What characterizes the rebellious representative of New York design? What should a loft kitchen look like? According to the architectural assumptions that a loft should meet, the kitchen is not a separate unit, but is part of an open layout, so it is so important that it is refined down to the smallest detail. Otherwise, any clashes will affect the appearance and functionality of not only the kitchen area, but also the entire apartment.

The loft kitchen displays what is carefully hidden from the eyes of users in elegant rooms inspired by classics, English or Provencal styles - installation elements, all kinds of imperfections, cables, pipes. Non-obvious decorations here are the local plaster falling off the walls and raw walls. Lighting in an industrial kitchen also cannot be accidental - standard ceilings or chandeliers are replaced with lamps in the form of freely hanging light bulbs. The lofts are dominated by dark colors and specific materials - aged wood, metal, concrete. Classic furniture does not work in this case. A harmonious part of the original composition will be black or anthracite cabinets with a matte surface. They should be complemented by a dark brown wood or granite table top. Thanks to the fashion for dark colors in the kitchen, finding the right furniture should not cause major problems. A welcome addition to modular kitchen furniture will be a raw black metal bookcase, on which it is worth placing small decorations, wine bottles and plants that break the coldness of the arrangement.

Functional kitchen in an industrial style - household appliances

Despite the apparent shortcomings and unusual solutions, loft kitchens are pampered down to the smallest detail . When completing the equipment, it is worth considering both its functionality and aesthetics. We have no doubts that trendsetters looking for effective and technologically advanced devices will like black cookers, refrigerators, dishwashers and coffee machines from the DOLCEVITA line, SIRIO and VEGA built-in hobs as well as free-standing SPECIAL and PROFESSIONAL kitchens. The highest quality equipment will make the preparation of meals a source of pure pleasure, and the loft kitchen will take on an even more attractive expression .