A recipe for happiness

The kitchen is the bustling heart of the home. Its role is not limited to providing the right conditions for preparing meals. Smelling of home-made cake, shared by all household members, the space is a place where we can stop for a moment and have a cup of coffee, talk to loved ones, develop our culinary passion, relax and rest. When looking for inspiration to arrange your dream kitchen, it is worth leaving the cool, ubiquitous minimalism for a moment and direct your attention to much warmer, timeless and delicate compositions. These are the elements that characterize Provencal-style kitchens .

Colors in Provencal kitchens

Crossing the threshold of the Provencal-style kitchen is a magical journey to an extremely picturesque, secluded village in south-eastern France. The nature of Provencal arrangements can be described as a marriage of classics with rustic, sentimental motifs. Interiors inspired by the style loved by romantics (and in particular - romantics) are dominated by bright colors: white, light beige, olive green, blue. When designing a kitchen in this style, avoid contrasts. All colors should blend in smoothly and complement each other. Architects give the kitchen interiors the desired, rural expression by wiping the walls with lime, applying plaster with a rough structure and decorating the ceiling with wooden beams. Stone and brick are also welcome on the walls. There should be wood or raw stone on the floor.

Provencal kitchens - furniture and accessories

The basis of Provencal kitchens is delicate furniture with subtly milled fronts. In the catalogs, look for light furniture made of semi-matt, white boards with a delicate wood pattern. Openwork inserts will be a perfect addition to uniform cabinets. A sideboard straight from our grandmothers' kitchen can become a beautiful decoration of the building. The dot over the "i" will be a solid table top made of wood or marble. In the heart of the kitchen, it is worth making a place for a large wooden table inviting household members and guests to enjoy each other's company and Sunday dinner. If Provence, then of course vineyards, lavender, sun and herbs! An inseparable component of a cuisine inspired by the French countryside will be a decorative wine shelf, placed on a wide window sill and shelves, pots filled with lavender, basil, rosemary, thyme and sage. Give up classic curtains in favor of cute "jealousies", arrange ceramic dishes on open shelves, and decorative containers for sugar, flour and other products on the worktops that are worth having at hand while cooking.

Provencal-style kitchen equipment

When arranging a kitchen interior, remember that all elements of the arrangement - not only furniture, accessories, windows, window sills, wall and floor decor - should form a coherent whole. When it comes to Provencal kitchens, modern, shiny equipment offered by most manufacturers would disturb the entire intricately built concept. For all those who want to create a space refined in details, we recommend a look at the Lofra brand catalog. Devices from the DOLCEVITA line will harmoniously fit into the atmosphere of Provencal cuisine . Do not overbuild the devices - a free-standing gas stove in the color of white pearl or ivory, enriched with eye-catching golden knobs and handles will serve as a utility and decorative. The cookers are available in many variants with different dimensions, so you can easily find a variant that matches the interior design. The stove will be complemented by a refrigerator from the same series, a coffee machine, a microwave oven and a dishwasher. Importantly, choosing decorative, vintage-style equipment does not mean sacrificing convenience. Behind the original, well-groomed façade there is a technologically advanced interior, thanks to which the daily preparation of meals, keeping the dishes spotlessly clean or storing food becomes child's play.