Rustic Kitchens - Enjoy the charm of the old and the functionality of the modern style

Renovating a kitchen is a difficult task. Just like renovating a bathroom, all of this plumbing and electrical work can slow your project down until you run out of patience. However, the advantage of starting over is that you can choose any new thing for your kitchen. Lights, sinks, floors, kitchen cabinets and free-standing kitchens. Modern rustic kitchens can be the most fun style of kitchen to design. Just like the possibilities of furniture and finishing are endless


Rustic kitchens - Modern, chic, inspired by the Scandinavian style


How to create a modern and elegant rustic kitchen?

You can install light gray or even white kitchen cabinets. They will bring an elegant and modern side to the rest of the rustic kitchen decor. It is also possible to design a rustic kitchen interior inspired by Scandinavian design. Just focus on light shades, light woods and green décor. The rustic style of the kitchen with a Scandinavian twist is one of the most fashionable styles today.

In a modern kitchen, rustic, open shelves are preferred. This type of storage facilitates access to your kitchen accessories, products and makes the kitchen more spacious and open. If the walls are white, we can install dark wooden shelves for a nice contrast.

A wooden kitchen island is a must in a modern rustic kitchen. Choose its size and location depending on the space we have at our disposal. In a small modern Scandinavian-style rustic kitchen, the central island is the cornerstone.


Modern rustic style kitchen with dark wood kitchen cabinets.


Of course, if you prefer dark wood, it is quite possible to incorporate it into a modern rustic kitchen. Dark wood cabinets work really well in kitchens with high ceilings.
You can match dark wood kitchen cabinets to a brick wall. This will provide a modern and industrial touch to your kitchen.

There is no shortage of colors in a modern country-style kitchen. Indeed, the rustic style of Italian cuisine often includes colors such as orange and yellow. These two colors are part of joyful and energizing colors. Since cooking is an active space, adding a little visual dynamism is a very good idea. The yellow and orange colors are easy to pair with almost all wood finishes. You can add them in the form of LOFRA appliances, decorative items, floor rugs, etc.

If you have an open plan kitchen in your living room or dining room, be careful when choosing colors. Try to design the interior of the kitchen in harmony with the rest of the open space.


Rustic Kitchens - Marble for an elegant and refined touch.


Marble has a timeless elegance that appeals to many. Often reserved for luxury or ultra-modern kitchens, it is completely impossible to incorporate it into the decor of a modern rustic kitchen. It can be integrated in the form of countertops, backsplashes and even decorative items. Marble is easy to find at affordable prices. However, you can also opt for imitation marble to keep the cost down. Contemporary marble imitations do not differ visually from the original.