Minimalistic, drenched in shimmering white, filled with shiny surfaces, do you associate kitchens more with a cold laboratory than with home warmth? After years of dominance in design, cold arrangements deprived of energy are a thing of the past. Interior architects are more and more boldly drawing inspiration from previously overlooked areas - nature, naturalness, slow life or familiarity. We bring rustic kitchens closer to everyone who is looking for a way to breathe life into the kitchen zone - beautiful, original compositions, thanks to which four walls will become a real home.

Peaceful countryside, cheerful countryside… Rustic kitchens in opposition to minimalism

Fragrant freshly baked bread, filled with bustle , rustic kitchen is the beating heart of the house . Contrary to appearances, recreating in your apartment a piece of a village associated with carefree holidays at grandma's does not have to be complicated. Where to start an interior design revolution? The basis of rustic kitchens are furniture made of distressed wood. Do not be afraid of decorative cuts: deep cutters, brass handles, knots and abrasions will give the building an effect. Importantly, from the point of view of your home budget, you do not have to invest in expensive furniture made of solid wood. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of kitchen cabinets covered with veneers - thin sheets obtained from trees. In the design of your dream, idyllic kitchen, it is worth providing a place for a sideboard - a tall piece of furniture, popular a few decades ago, which will be the king of the entire composition. Stylish sideboards with a retro touch can be found in the collections available in popular furniture stores. You can also go a step further and try to restore a piece of antique furniture. We guarantee that the result of placing a sideboard in the dining area of the kitchen will be phenomenal, and that your rustic kitchen will become an enclave of peace and balance even in the center of a big city.

Furniture with a grained, irregular surface will reveal its full potential when you place it against the background of walls covered with brick or white, raw paint. Wooden boards with a worn-out structure will work perfectly on the floor. The room should be dominated by warm, sunny colors, exuding a pleasant, cozy aura.

Accessories that will complete the arrangement in a rustic kitchen

The crowning achievement of any interior are decorations that subtly emphasize the value of the composition and add expressiveness to it. It is no different in a rustic kitchen . A simple way to warm up the interior is to enrich it with small, but expressive accents - old-fashioned coffee grinders, garlic braids, wicker baskets, wooden spoons and spatulas hanging on hooks, clay dishes and decorative, painted porcelain displayed behind a glass case. Pay particular attention to textiles. Embroidered napkins with folk motifs, embroidered curtains and decorative cloths will be especially welcome here. On the windowsills, arrange the herbs planted in wooden boxes. Intensely fragrant mint, rosemary and parsley will be a natural decoration and an ecological, valuable addition to the dishes prepared for the next.

How to choose equipment for rustic kitchens?

Does the desire to create an idyllic, charming kitchen have to mean giving up the comforts of solutions used in modern arrangements? Nothing could be more wrong! Lofra devices are the answer to the growing demand for functional, but not necessarily minimalist, shiny equipment with a cold expression. Supplementing the design with a stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and coffee machine does not have to disturb its basic assumptions and mean the need to build up the equipment. The models presented in the Lofra catalog will blend harmoniously with the building, becoming its integral part. We especially recommend DOLCEVITA and RAINBOW appliances to the attention of people looking for equipment for rustic kitchens. In remarkable devices (refrigerators, gas or induction cookers, microwave ovens, coffee makers and cooker hoods), a beautiful, detailed casing, inspired by retro style, neatly harmonizes with functionality, comfort of use and possibilities offered by advanced, innovative products. Thanks to them, each rustic kitchen can be not only beautiful, but also functional.