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All Lofra kitchens are awarded the A performance class:
an additional advantage in the relationship between wear and properties.

* Price does not include plinth!

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  • Heating plate

  • Oven

  • Hood

  • Technical

  • Colors

  • 5 hotplates ensuring professional effects through complete heating from the inside to the edges of pots and pans
  • hob control with golden knobs
  • The booster assigned to each field allows you to maximize the power, thanks to which we can prepare the dish at an express pace
  • Power Management - a function thanks to which, after setting the required power, the hob will automatically divide it into individual cooking zones, ensuring that the selected threshold will never be exceeded
  • Timer, thanks to which we can program the operation of any heating zone. We will not only ensure perfect culinary results, but also safety when we leave the kitchen
  • protection against children - protects against accidental activation by children, which ensures the safety of the home and family


  • multifunction, electric with 9 programs
  • capacity 101l - Lofra ovens have a large internal space to be able to easily fit large-sized dishes
  • maximum cooking temperature: 270°C
  • internal dimensions 67,8 x 40 x 37 cm
  • rotisserie - ensures even cooking of the food
  • electric grill - a classic grill with electric resistance necessary for grilling in accordance with the confidence and efficiency of the Lofra tradition
  • hot air - temperature stability is ensured by the fan. Optimal solution for dishes for which uniform heat supply and constant temperature are needed
  • the timer for cooking on and off
  • oven door with 3 glass layers, 2 of which are mirrored for less heat loss
  • retractable guides
  • easy to clean enamel - special enamel with high glass content. This solution does not allow dirt to settle on the surface of the oven, making cleaning and removing greasy marks easy
  • inside cooling fan



  • adjustable feet in height and depth - internal threading of the feet allows you to adjust the height up to a millimeter to obtain the best stability even on irregular surfaces
  • made of AISI 430 brushed stainless steel
  • telescopic chimneys - AISI 430
  • static motor 220-240V - 50Hz
  • four fan speeds
  • 2 x 20W halogen lighting
  • three anti-fat metal filters (dishwasher safe)
  • two activated carbon filters
  • included remote control
  • dimensions: 900 x 500 mm
  • motor: 800 (m³/h)
  • noise level dB (A) 59.7


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