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LOFRA | Set | Pizza tools 120

120 cm

120 cm

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The instrument stand is not only comfortable and functional, but also fits all environments, both indoors and outdoors. It is truly a unique tool, sophisticated and with an innovative design.
* The price does not include the stand.
The stainless steel pizza jug set consists of:
  • Round shovel: it is light, solid and easy to handle. In addition, thanks to the brushed stainless steel construction, it allows you to clean the part that touches the pizza
  • Ash picker: allows you to prepare the oven floor and move ash, embers and burning wood to the side
  • Shovel: it is used to put the pizza into the oven. With a wooden handle and brushed stainless steel construction, it guarantees solidity and cleanliness. The rounded edge makes it easy to put the pizza in the oven
  • Brush: it is equipped with brass bristles which makes cleaning more effective and above all protects the fireproof floor


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