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LOFRA | Fluid | Foam for cleaning grills and ovens | L.GP.MOVE. 75

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Removes burn-on dirt in ovens, grills and on the surface of cooking plates.

It works by creating a thick foam. Can also be used for soaking.

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APPLICATIONS: penetrates deeply, removes and dissolves animal fats, various types of oily dirt, as well as residues after burning that can be found in ovens, grills, grills, worktops, equipment, stainless steel hoods, floors, walls, etc. . without scrubbing.

FEATURES: Thanks to its high alkalinity and speed of action, FLORCONTROL is easy and efficient to use.

After spraying with a suitable dispenser, a thick foam is created on the surface, which removes the dirt formed in the ovens after burning.

In addition, this agent is unmatched when it comes to removing greasy stains from car repair shops, distributors or gas stations.


To clean floors and tiles: dissolve 5 g / l of water

To clean the oven: spray the product directly using a suitable dispenser

For soaking: 1-5% solution in water

When using, packaging, etc., we recommend that you follow the instructions on the label and on the product safety data sheet. This product data sheet is the current and only valid version of the document.