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LOFRA | Liquid for disinfecting and sterilizing surfaces | L.GP.BANCO75

Alcohol solution content over 70%

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Ideal for HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) plans

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APPLICATIONS: a rinse-free disinfectant for use in food processing, hotels, local public places.

The properties of the substances used in the production of the disinfectant enable it to be used for the purposes of HACCP plans.

FEATURES: Product designed to decontaminate without leaving stains and traces; guarantees the disinfection of the cleaned surfaces. According to the instructions for use, it can be used without rinsing, even on surfaces that are in direct contact with food products. It can also be used to clean cutlery and kitchen utensils.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: spray the agent directly on the surface to be cleaned, remove with paper or a dry, disposable cloth.

The resistance of the cleaned surface to the product should always be checked.

Do not expose to the sun or other heat sources. Do not use on acid-sensitive surfaces.

Note: when using, packaging, etc., we recommend following the instructions on the label and on the product safety data sheet. This safety data sheet is the current and only valid version of the document.