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American-style kitchens - inspirations straight from overseas

When you watch Hollywood movies, you can't get a glimpse of the beautiful interiors that differ significantly from the prevailing standards in Polish apartments? It's time to stop…
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Hampton style kitchens - tinsel with a rustic twist

Thanks to the huge amount of inspiration available in the catalogs, designing a functional and effective kitchen is much easier. By watching the work of professional designers, we can give free…
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kuchnia prowansalska

Provencal kitchens - stylish interiors smelling of lavender

When designing your dream kitchen, it is worth drawing from the depth of design, exceeding the limits of your imagination and putting aside standard solutions. We invite our readers for a trip…
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kuchnia loftowa

Loft kitchen - luxury in the kitchen edition

Arranging your own kitchen is a great pleasure, but also a huge challenge. Invaluable help when designing your dream kitchen are catalogs, where a variety of styles, arrangements and…
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kuchnia rustykalna

Rustic kitchens: getting back to nature

Minimalistic, drenched in shimmering white, filled with shiny surfaces, do you associate kitchens more with a cold laboratory than with home warmth? After years of dominance in design, cold…
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Interior chic: English-style kitchens and Italian kitchens

The kitchen in every home is a special place. When renovating an apartment or furnishing your dream home from scratch, it is worth paying maximum attention to this zone. Thanks to the multitude…
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