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LOFRA | Industrial style in the kitchen, i.e. a loft kitchen

The industrial style has been gaining popularity in our interiors for years. In the past, eagerly used mainly in large apartment buildings, it came to us from Western Europe, where it previously came…
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LOFRA | A good oven for home cooking - efficient and economical

The oven is one of the most important household appliances in the home kitchen. We bake in it, bake it, use it to heat, sometimes dry meat or vegetables and other activities. Buying an oven requires…
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LOFRA | Retro cooker hood - efficiency, functionality and efficiency

The cooker hood is not only an accessory, an "optional" equipment. It is a device that performs a very important function. It is responsible for properly ventilating the kitchen,…
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LOFRA | Vintage kitchen - a combination of modern and classic

Contemporary kitchen arrangements are solutions that are divided into: modern style, varnished, with straight fronts, glass and stainless steel, retro style, based on classic kitchens, very popular…
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LOFRA | American-style kitchen - an unsurpassed pattern for years

The American style of interior design began to gain popularity in the world from the 1970s. Anyway, the style of the arrangement from those years is still present today and is an alternative to…
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LOFRA | An idea for an amazing garden - not only with a barbecue

Grilling and sitting on the plot is not only becoming more and more popular, but even becoming a way of spending free time for many people. During such a rest, of course, a good meal…
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LOFRA | Retro kitchen - how to wisely arrange and equip

Retro kitchens are kitchens that have been gaining popularity for years. In an era when most kitchens look very similar, and some of them are almost identical and differ only in the way the furniture…
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LOFRA | Carbon filters for cooker hoods - when and what to use?

The function of the cooker hood is relatively simple and quite commonly known. Its main task is to eliminate unpleasant odors in the kitchen and ventilate the room. This is the primary task of this…
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LOFRA | Induction cooker versus gas cooker - a comparison of advantages, disadvantages and possibilities

In most Polish homes, we prepare meals by heat treatment. Most often by baking, frying or boiling. For cooking and frying, we use an electric, gas or induction cooker. We use an oven for baking, of…
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